Battle Waves of the World

Title: Battle Waves of the World

Artists: Shane Fernandes, Laura Freyhof, Parker Johnson

Statement: Our final project Battle Waves of the World is a seven-piece art installation of ships that represent each continent on the earth. It is built out of Styrofoam, aluminum foil, organic elements, and more. We also created a collage incorporating all of the flags from each country in that continent to convey more correctness, representation, and help the viewer distinguish the boats apart. To add some pizzazz, we wrote the on the side of the little ships the name of each continent in a creative way. For example, our boat for Antarctica is the SS. South Pole. We decided on this idea because it would embody the theme of political correctness in several ways and hopefully show the viewer a deeper meaning the longer then looked at it.

The deeper meaning of our piece comes into play when the boats run into each other almost like bumper carts at a festival. This is symbolic because just as the boats clash into each other in the fountain, in the real world there can be collision and tension between the continents. Even though we are not currently in another world war, there are many little discrepancies between different continents right now, and the physical display of the boats colliding conveys that.


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