Title: Intentions

Artists: Bethany Bardeen, Sumerau Toole, Sarah Williams

Statement: This piece is the brain child of three young artists still learning their crafts. The use of metal was an important piece for us in the initial brainstorming stage. We knew it was important  to incorporate something like metal to represent our technological and industrial age. The concept for the show was to be Politically Correct. Being told to do something politically correct as an artist is like being told to not to think abut pink elephants…. its a bit difficult to think about anything else. Naturally, We decided to walk the line.

The tornado-like piece suspended is adorned with familiar objects, book pages, fabric, and wire. These are all meant to be pieces that we as people relate to. You will see the pages have writing on them which exemplifies some of the phrases and concepts we encounter today. These pieces of our daily lives are ours to interpret and decide how, we, as members of society, are going to contribute. The ash at the bottom represents the way our words all eventually and fall to the ashes of our past. The copper coil at the bottom of the piece coming out of the ash symbolizes resilience and the knowledge that we gain from all of these “Intentions”.

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