Word Vomit

Title: Word Vomit

Artists: Natalie Greenshields, Haley Farman, Alexis Garland

Statement: When giving the theme of political correctness for the exhibition, many ideas came into our minds. This theme is relevant in today’s society as as one collective force towards a more accepting future. In this day and age, cyberbullying and internet hate has become a prevalent issue on twitter, youtube, facebook, and other forms of social media. People can express their views online, without ever having to see the emotions on the person’s face when they read your message. In addition to this, people may say offensive things without meaning to. Our sculpture visually exemplifies just this.

When people think of word vomit, they tend to think of someone letting their opinions pour out of them, without boundaries. Though it is seen as a positive thing to stand up for what you believe in, sometimes the way people go about expressing their views can be hurtful and insensitive. Our sculpture unites this idea of self expression through words, as the rainbow fabric falls out of the mouth. The variation in fabric colors represents the variation of opinions that can be expressed through words. This sculpture does not necessarily represent a person expressing negative opinions, it could be someone expressing positive views as well.


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