Web of Lives

Title: Web of Lives

Artists: Ashley Edwards, Angela Prosan, Gregory Williams, Anyawu Zahira

Statement: Our installation is supposed to represent the complex ways all our lives get entangled with one another. We are all in this ride together and we make connections with each other whether we want to or not. The rings you see represent a variety of people in this world. The strings are the connections and relationships we build with each other, some simple, some complex, some neat some messy, some strong and some weak. Everyone is so different in such beautiful ways and together, we make this lovely web known as life. That’s what we want to portray in this piece.

Our theme for this year is political correctness and we wanted to incorporate that by creating a non-offensive piece that people would find pleasant. We wanted to show the diversity of people through the different colors and color combinations. We displayed our piece like this, hanging in between the trees, because life isn’t steady; it pushes and jostles you around. The strings we used are very light weight as are the rings, so they can simulate this by being blown in the wind. Life is beautiful and so are the relationships we make, we hope that you see this in our piece.




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