Language of Roses

Title: Language of Roses

Artists: Carly Perales, Daniel Wright, Katiana Roberts, and Kendall Ganey

Statement: What came first the chicken or the egg? Actually, what came first was colors evoking emotion.Each color of a rose possesses a unique meaning that enhances the symbolic meaning to emotions.We used a mandala to represent peace and unity in correlation to the symbolism of roses.We will be creating our mandala out of egg cartons and chicken wire; out of the egg cartons we will make a rose and from the chicken wire will be thorns. Our installation adheres to the concept of political correctness by providing different emotions and feelings that everyone feels at one point in their life. This will remind individuals how colors can influence a type of feeling or emotion. The purpose of our piece and what we would like our viewers to receive from this is to connect color to the human brain and depict what feeling, emotion, or mood they will get from each color of rose. The colors of the rose shown below show the emotion or feeling that is interpreted along with it. With each color of rose and its key word defining the emotion will be spelled out using that color of rose to help the viewers understand the meaning behind this work.

Red-Deep emotional true love
Orange-Passion and energy
Yellow -Friendship and caring
Green -Best wishes for prosperous new life or wishes for recovery and good health
Blue -Desire for the unattainable and mysterious
Lavender -Enchantment of love at first sight
Pink -Admiration, joy, and gratitude
White -Purity, chastity, and innocence


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