Hear the Positivity

Title: Hear the Positivity

Artists: Cat Keve and Olivia Valiante

Statement: Our piece aims to showcase not only the kind things we can say to one another but also the negative things that people say to one another. We hope the viewer can hear the positivity we present to them. Our loosely structured form contains the same virtues of a patchwork quilt: the combination of different colors and textures to represent a unity between those who are different. We tried to use as many recycled materials as we could. Many different elements can create a beautiful and unified piece, similar to how people’s differences can complement one another in everyday life.  Our quotes were collected using a survey which gathered unpolitically correct statements from Stetson University students. These were either directed at the individual who completed the survey or something that they overheard. We included some of our personal experiences as well. We then transformed these statements into something positive or thoughtful.

We hope that this the overall aesthetic appeal of our work has captured your attention, but that the concept has held it. We implore you to interact with our piece, it is not delicate. Touch, look, move, enjoy. Read our collection of thoughts, and consider what you say to those around you. Spreading positivity will always be the right thing to do!

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