Title: Doppelgänger

Artists: Brett Ohsfeldt, Vienna, and Grace Roberts

Statement: This piece is an exploration of identity. We hope by creating a column of mirrors we inspire you to look at your own reflection and the reflection of the world around you. It is easy in daily life to become trapped behind our own eyes. It is important that we increase our knowledge of the world by getting outside our own heads and seeing things differently. When we face a mirror, we face a doppelgänger, an image of our life from a different perspective. Our mirrors are also outlined with color-less doodles. We want to inspire you to add some color both to our sculpture, and your reflection. Life should be fun! Diversity is a natural aspect of life, and like color, makes things more interesting. Please partake in celebrating the color in the world around us by adding some color to our art, and to the way you see yourself.

The theme of this public works show was “politically correct” we took this to mean “make something that will not offend anyone and that anyone of any age can enjoy.” Media often shows the world in one way and we hope that our piece helps people see the world in multiple ways. These 5 mirrors were all doodled in black in different ways, 3 would done independently by each of us three and 2 mirrors were worked on together. These different doodling styles is just one way of showing how everyone views the world differently.


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