Connecting Differences

Title: Connecting Differences

Artists: Reece, Toby, Zias

Statement: Our piece is titled “Connecting Differences,” an artistic statement intended on highlighting the importance of embracing differences and uniting people based upon their ideas and opinions rather than physical appearances. We used clear plastic tubing to emphasize the importance of looking past someone’s outer appearance and into what’s under their “skin.”

Each differently colored tower represents a different kind of societal splice that humanity has used to separate people from each other. The tallest tower, filled with pink and blue colored water, is what we decided was the most important division in society. Representing gender, the blue and pink tower shows how both genders can intertwine and get along together. The braided colors also represent the equality between the two genders. The middle tower, representing race, has varying shades of the usual skin tones, ranging from light tan to dark brown. Again, the tubes are meant to represent the equality and acceptance of the different races within society. The final tower is representative of financial class, and the acceptance of all kinds of financial classes. The tubes are filled with different shades of green to signify the varying levels of financial stability within society.

Overall, our piece highlights the importance of accepting the differences within others and looking past the outer shell of someone. The important parts of society lie beneath the surface.


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