Connected, Piece by Piece

Title: Connected, Piece by Piece

Artists: Mikaela Beach, Breezie Davis, Moomal Jatoi

Statement: Our project, “Connected, Piece by Piece,” focuses on how we are all connected to each other in some way or form. The puzzle is made by two 2×4 plywood planks and painted with acrylic paint. The wooden knobs on each were originally part of an old baby’s cradle, and the white paint was repainted to represent the purity children have in each culture. This puzzle shows how our lives are interconnected and how we all live in the same world. The different colors and patterns exemplify the uniqueness of each person in different cultures, but the color of the patterns shows how we are all essentially the same: human. The colors and designs are ambiguous for the purpose of being all-inclusive and representative of any culture.

We put quotes about diversity and inclusion on the back of each piece to serve as a reminder that we all make up humanity, regardless of our individual qualities. The quotes also remind us of the amazing people in the world who have worked hard to bring all of us together. Our puzzle strives for inclusion, which is the purpose of political correctness. We respect the individuality of each race, culture, religion, and sexuality in this puzzle, but we also want to remind others that we are part of a bigger picture. We believe that without inclusion, our society will eventually fall apart from the hate we give each other.


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