The Loom

A Stetson University Sculpture Course Public Work Installation

presented by Professor Brittany Metz on May 1st, 2018


The students were asked to write a personal statement about The Loom addressing it’s meaning and symbolism. The following are excerpts from each student’s statement:

The bottom board of the loom represents the beginning of our lives. The two sides of the boards represents our personal upbringing and family background. The top board represents our higher education at Stetson. Altogether, this loom can also be seen as what makes the foundation of our lives. The boards might have some imperfections to them, such as holes or cracks, which are similar to the imperfections we might have in our home, family, or schooling. 
-Carina Coleman
Instead of viewing the fabric used within the project as just fabric and rope, I learned from the speaker that visited our class that the fabrics are tools to tell a story…I added a branch painted silver signifying the silver lining of having family and friends as I crossed the bridge in growing up and viewing life as a more complex, beautiful existence. 
Caroline Goggins
All the different fabrics, all a variety of color and texture, are to be weaved together by those of varying backgrounds from not only around Stetson but also from around the world. This piece calls for attention to the community and how all people around the world, whoever they are and wherever they may be from, are woven together. In the end, it is everyone’s world.  
-Madison Cerce
To me I feel unified and simple, (by the means of how we created it), yet complicated, (by the different stories, emotions, and thoughts in each strand that went into making it). The loom can be interpreted in many ways. I think that’s one of the many beauties about it, it’s interactive, creative, unique, and Stetson most of all!
-Megan Collins
Though each student and participant used their own materials and chose them independent of the other, perhaps picking their favorite colors or a lovely pattern that they prefer, together they create an entire picture, an entire loom. This is representative of the students at Stetson University. We are all individuals, all with our own lives and our own preferences, but we are a community that is Stetson University.
-Solstice Backus-Little
My grandmother’s favorite flower was the sunflower, and she was the light of my life…So, for this piece, I placed the sunflower at the middle of materials, as a reminder that my grandmother is still at the center of my heart and the inspiration for the things around me…The loom is a wonderful opportunity for many, like myself, to engage in creative assemblage and think of crucial factors/values in their life which make them who they are.
-Lauren Davids
It symbolizes people’s unique traits and the different types of cultures that are intertwined within each strand. No matter how different we are, we are all considered human. We are all connected in some way. Just how in college, just because people come from different backgrounds, the are willing to befriend other people despite differences and learn from one another.

-Michelle Whiteaker

It can be seen is bringing together people in the community with the frame being the school, ropes being the building in which we take classes and live in, the foliage would be the trees and the outdoors part of the campus, and the fabric pieces would be us, the students…The loom is a symbol of connection and community that is formed with the people you are surrounded by. Each individual has to connect themselves to the person who came before them in order to further the piece along.
-Sian Mohammed
People working together is a big part of Stetson values, by working together on this project, this displays a great way on how it can be achieved…I chose my color scheme black and golden/brown because I enjoy nature myself, and I thought those are good colors to represent “down to earth”, which is how I am and want to express in my part of the project.
-Ian Bonk
The Earth Loom symbolizes the community that we have on campus and in the greater DeLand area. The construction of this piece, from beginning to end, included the participation of our sculpture class and the participation of Stetson students and you to make it as beautiful as possible…The earth in the Earth Loom connects our community and lives and weaves them in with the physical Earth and the environment. Without the environment that provides us with a world to live and thrive on, we would have nothing; that is why the literal Earth portion of the Earth Loom is so important.
-Ann Roche
To be able to come together in this way represents unity, and the similarities we all share even if it’s not discussed directly, we all share being a part of this bigger community…The loom was also set up on campus during finals week and was able to be used as a way in which to destress. Those who add a piece of cloth to this structure in turn add a piece of themselves, and their role within the community.
-Joy Cartwright
In my mind, I want the loom to represent peace, and coexistence (something which we tend to struggle with)…I chose the colors white and blue as well, as not only peace, but stability. Blue is meant to create a calming effect, and create peace for the person viewing.
-Raven McCain
I’ve never been involved in a community that has been so open to originality and uniqueness and embrace it so unconditionally like Stetson does and I think the loom has done a great job of symbolizing that…The tying together of each strand of fabric represents that all of us here are connected somehow, even if not directly. The various lengths, widths, colors, textures, patterns represent how no two strands are the same.
-Anne Marie Kiel
For me the piece represents the community we have…I wanted it to be colorful because I think that’s what we need in our lives and in our communities: Colors! There are so many bad things happening in the world and I think it is very important that we fight against it in the way of being positive, happy, optimistic and thankful! I think we need more colors, we need freedom, we need acceptance and love! Weaving all together at one loom gave me the feeling of community! I was very excited for this project and now seeing the development of it makes me very proud!
-Pia Schuebel

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