A Request For Self-Care

Title: A Request for Self-Care, an invitation to reflect on how you will be practicing self-care during the 2017 winter break

Artists:  Amber Ben-Hanania, Holly Brown, Lola Burruezo, London Crawley, Sydney Goldberg, Sammi Hartman, Michael Hill, Sophie Hofstetter, Anne Lanz, Antoinette Moore, Joclyn Pelfresne, David Santa Maria, Sandra Stephan, Ashley Wiggins

Teaching Assistant – Delaney Shadgett

Statement: Just as the release opening of our inflatable is necessary to prevent the sculpture from popping, the act of self care is a necessary and healthy form of release for humans.

Participants were asked to take a piece of paper and write down a specific example of how they will be practicing self care during the break. They were then asked to put the piece of paper into the air release opening indicated on the inflatable sculpture.

Disorderly Construct III
A request for self-care

We received 71 one responses during our 1 day public work installation on the patio of the Hand Art Center at Stetson University.



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