Ready To Fly

Title: Ready To Fly

Artist: Andrew Adams

Statement: I decided to do a project on metal birds because I do not think Stetson sees enough bird designs outside near Sampson Hall. Also, my inspiration for this design came from a childhood character named “Clockwork” who is a metal owl from the video game Sly CooperI Wanted to use aluminum flashing for the birds body so that if it rains the design will not be destroyed but also the owl “Clockwork” has shinny metal armor. I wanted to use a wire to not only hold the birds together, but also to make one bird seem like it is flying while the other ones are not ready.The wire is supposed to suspend the birds above the ground while tied to two palm trees for more. Another single wire while tied to the main wire, will hold the adult bird below the other ones so that it looks as if it is ready to fly. The other designs will be attached to the main wire.

I am hoping that the viewers will see the same bird starting from little to adult size in order to be ready to fly.


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