Title of piece: ChatterBox

Artists: Alex Ramirez & Gabriella Villalba

ChatterBox is a means of communicating personal questions between strangers. The individuals whose pictures are on the front were asked to submit a personal question without holding back or censoring it, which can be seen below each picture. Some of the questions displayed are also questions that the artists had for the people in the pictures.

This is an interactive display in which viewers are encouraged to ask a nearby stranger some of the questions on display, or come up with their own similar questions and add them the box by writing on it directly or on a piece of paper that can be dropped into the box through the slot on the front. The goal of the project is to encourage strangers to connect and have meaningful conversations. We hope to open the eyes people to view each other as deep individuals with thoughts, feelings, and responses to the deeper questions faced in life, rather than just strangers who constantly come and go.

All questions that are added to this piece will be on our Instagram page, @Chatterboxproject, along with all of the submissions you see on this box.



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