Here They Are

Title: Here They Are

Artists: Jozefina Logu, Payson Bridgham, Emma Mazzone, & Zachary Prather

Statement: Living in a male-dominated society, it is no surprise that a woman’s breast is seen as an object that should be kept private and unseen from the public eye. Our media is constantly displaying sexualized images of women yet a woman’s bare breast is seen as something sinful and appalling. A woman’s breast is sexualized which in turn is utilized as a means of control to suppress the idea normalcy and promote shame and discomfort. Our piece plays on the phenomenon of “fragmentation”, in which a person is reduced to individual physical parts rather than given the luxury of being viewed as a full person. In a hyperbolic fashion, we’ve twisted it so that the breasts themselves are individuals, ready to be seen as they are. Society makes it unacceptable for women to freely display their breasts – our piece does not want to hide – they want to be seen, so here they are.







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