Title of Work: Evolution

Artist: Paula Villagomez

Statement: The piece “Evolution” is a representation of bonsai trees in an abstract and colorful perspective. One of the many meanings that bonsai tree possess is evolution. The structure of these trees is essentially an evolved image of a normal tree. Through this piece, I want to demonstrate how objects can be altered or manipulated and still maintain the same essence and structure. In the case of a bonsai tree, all the elements that larger trees possesses are included, however, they are all minimized and adapted to the new environment where the bonsai tree lives. Evolution encompasses a long process and that can be seen through the time it takes for a bonsai tree to fully develop, this being 3 to 5 years. In my piece, the use of mixed fabric and the folding and positioning of it serve as a guide to demonstrate the path the bonsai tree took to get to where it currently is.  Change is also present during evolution; the bonsai tree represents a change and alteration to the natural large structure of a tree and might be seen as a revolutionized type of tree. This aspect allows the viewers to visualize the bonsai trees as a new type of tree that has been altered to fit into smaller scale criteria. Through this piece I want to portray a generalization of the concept of change instead of creating a specific type of bonsai tree, hence the utilization of colorful and mixed fabrics that build up the trees.



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